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Kenro Anti Reflection Spray Matt for Black Surface

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1x Kenro Anti Reflection Spray Matt for Black Surface

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This Kenro Anti Reflection Spray Matt is specially made for black surfaces. When you take pictures of shiny objects, a disturbing reflection may be visible. By holding the spray 30 cm from the object and spraying it for a short time, you can solve the problem in a simple way. So you have the perfect photo or video in every situation. The spray dissolves within a few seconds and creates a natural matt effect.

Application Kenro Anti Reflection Spray Matt for Black Surface

The Kenro Matt Anti Reflection Spray can be used to reduce the reflection and/or glare of objects such as cars, silver and glass, you wish to photograph. The spray is specifically designed for photography and the film industry and can easily be removed with a soft, clean cloth.

Different variants Kenro Anti Reflection Spray Matt

You are currently looking at the spray, which is especially suitable for black surfaces. The Anti Reflection Spray is also available in other versions.

The bottle is equipped with a nozzle and has 400ml content.


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