Falcon Eyes Soft LED Lamp LPL-S6002TDX 120W Expand

Falcon Eyes Soft LED Lamp LPL-S6002TDX 120W

Falcon Eyes Falcon Eyes



1x LPL-S6002TDX lamp
1x U-bracket
1x Controller
1x Antenna
1x Power adapter (16.8v, 10A)
1x Velcro for power adapter
1x Bag

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The LPL-S6002TDX from Falcon Eyes is a LED panel with adjustable color temperature. The 960 SMD LEDs provide a better distribution of the light, at an angle of 68°. The lamp is dimmable by means of the control panel on the back. The LPL-S6002TDX has a robust metal housing and modern appearance. Its high CRI value of 95 makes the lamp suitable for the demanding user and professional studio use. The color temperature of the lamp is continuously adjustable between warm light (3000 kelvin) and daylight (5600 kelvin). The color temperature setting is displayed on the digital LCD display. The LPL-S6002TDX uses a special filter, which makes the individual LEDs invisible. As a result, the light emanates as one soft haze. This results in natural light rays, similar to the diffusion of sunlight through clouds. The LPL-S6002TDX has a power output of 120 watts. The included U-bracket has a standard spigot connection, allowing the lamp to fit on almost any lamp stand. It is also possible to mount the LPL-S6002TDX on the ceiling with a wall plate

Controlling the LPL-S6002TDX
You control the LPL-S6002TDX in three ways; with the control panel on the back, via DMX or with a remote control. With the touch screen and the rotary knobs on the back of the LPL-S6002TDX you can easily adjust the color temperature and brightness. When you want to control multiple lamps, or the lamp is not within reach, you can order a separate remote control, the RC-3T. You can find it in the optional accessories. For studios with many lamps you can set the lamps on separate channels, so they can be controlled individually with one remote control. There is also the option to control the LPL-S6002TDX with a DMX controller. To do this, you connect a UTP cable between the DMX controller and LPL-S6002TDX. On the LPL-S6002TDX there are two UTP ports; in and out. This allows you to loop multiple lamps with a UTP cable.

Application LPL-S6002TDX
You can use the LPL-S6002TDX for video recording, but also for product and portrait photography. Multiple lamps can be controlled jointly with a remote control or via DMX. A bag is included to safely and easily transport the LPL-S6002TDX. The included power adapter (16.8v, 10A) provides power to the LPL-S6002TDX.

Réglage flux lumineux Réglable en continu
Puissance LED 120 W
Nombre de LED 960 SMD
Mode de couleur Bi-Color
Température de couleur 3000~5600 °K - Bi-Color
CRI 95
Ventilateur de refroidissement Non
DMX-512 Entrée et sortie RJ-45
Forme Rectangulaire
Alimentation Tension réseau
Sac Inclus
Dimensions 79 x 40 x 4 cm
Disponibilité des pièces détachées / consommables -
Garantie 2 ans

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