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Boya Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone BY-M1000 Kit

Boya Boya



1x Boya Large Diaphragm Capacitor Microphone BY-M1000;1x Floor stand; 1x Magic Arm; 1x Graduation nipple;1x Pop Screen;1x Shock Absorber;1x Tilting Bracket with 3/8" and 5/8" female thread;1x XLR Cable (3 meters);1x User Manual;1x Full-color Packaging with Foam

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This set consists of a BY-M1000 microphone with everything you need to place it on a table. So you can start recording right away.

The Boya BY-M1000 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone, which is indispensable for sound recording in your studio. Do you want to record vocals, instruments, podcasts, voice-overs, or just a recording in your home studio? Then the Boya microphone is perfect!

The Boya microphone has a pop filter, which allows you to filter out loud speaking sounds (such as "S" and "P") and other background sounds. In addition, this filter protects your microphone against saliva, for example, during vocal recordings. The anti-shock mount prevents vibratory sounds from being incorporated into the audio recording. The condenser microphone also has a low-cut filter, which allows you to filter out low-frequency sounds (e.g. noise and background noise). The BY-M1000 also has a pad-switch so as not to disturb your recording with loud sounds.

For an extremely reliable sound recording, you can rotate the microphone in the holder by 360 degrees. You can also select the desired directional characteristics yourself:

Cardioid: Records sounds from the front of the microphone. Suitable for sound recordings of e.g. vocals and acoustic instruments (guitar, piano, violin, etc.).
• Omni-directional: Records sounds equally from all directions. Suitable for applications where sound has to be recorded from multiple sides, such as a singer or choir with a background tape.
Bi-directional: Records sounds from the front and back equally. Suitable for situations where people are facing each other, for example during interviews or presentations.

The BY-M1000 features a tiltable bracket with 3/8" and 5/8" female threaded connection. This allows you to place the condenser microphone on a tripod (also on tripods with 1/4" threaded connection using optional adapter nipple). The condenser microphone operates on the basis of phantom power: 24V or 48V. The included XLR cable provides this power supply. For high reliability, the housing is made of metal.

Usage Boya BY-M1000
To use the condenser microphone, place the device on a tripod. Then connect your audio device or other electronic device to the BY-M1000 using the XLR cable. The microphone now has direct power, so you don't have to turn the device on or off separately. A slider on the back allows you to set the desired directional characteristics. The slider on the left side of the body switches the low-cut filter on and off; the button on the right side controls the pad-switch.


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