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The RC-6 from Falcon Eyes is a wireless LED remote control, which allows you to easily control your LED lamps centrally. No longer wasting valuable time on setting up the different lamps? With the RC-6 you can directly adjust the different settings of one or more units! You can choose from four different frequency channels, on which you can logically set the desired lamp. You can, among other things, determine the colour temperature and power of the different lamps yourself. The remote control has a clear LED screen, which shows the same settings as the display of the LED lamp you are connecting to.

Please note: if the remote control indicates channel 'A', the control units of the LED lamps indicate channel '1'. For channel 'B' this is '2', and so on. The maximum control distance (greatest distance from the lamps to which they can be controlled) is 50 meters, without any obstacles.
The RC-6 is compatible with the:
- Falcon Eyes RX-12TD / 18TD
- Falcon Eyes SO-28TD / 40TD / 48TD / 66TD / 68TD
- Linkstar RX-9TD / 11TD

Usage Falcon Eyes RC-6
To use the remote control, insert an AA battery (not supplied) into the compartment. Then you can start the RC-6. Pressing the Rotary encoder gently switches between the Colour Temperature, Power, and Frequency Channel menus. Turn the Rotary encoder to select the desired settings.