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Orangemonkie Foldio3 Complete Product Photography Set

Orangemonkie Orangemonkie



1x Mini Turn-table Foldio360
1x Foldable LED Photo Tent Foldio3
1x Expansion Set M1200R
2x Additional LED Lamp Halo Bar
1x Background Set F3BD with two colours (white and black)
1x Table Tripod for Smartphone

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The Orangemonkie Foldio3 Complete Product Photography Set is a special offer, in which you have all the accessories you need to make the perfect 360 spin in one go, in addition to the mini turntable. Whether you are photographing jewelry, shoes, food, electronics or other objects: with this set you can capture it all perfectly! This set is compatible with your smartphone and DSLR.

The Foldio360 mini turntable is an intuitive solution for taking and processing photos and videos in 360 degrees. You can operate the Foldio360 with an app on your smartphone. This offers new possibilities to capture an object in a fast, easy and fun way. To create an even white background, place the Foldio360 in the supplied photo tent. This photo tent (Foldio3 from Orangemonkie) is a large, foldable recording box with built-in LED lighting. The Foldio3 is made of high quality materials and guarantees a long service life. Special details ensure the most beautiful recordings.

At the back of the Foldio360 is the 5700K Halo Edge LED lighting, which provides a seamless transition from the white turntable in the background of the recording box. Two additional Halo Bars are supplied with this 360 set as standard, each with 24 LEDs and a colour temperature of 5700 Kelvin. If you want to create different colors and effects, you can use the included background set (with colours black and white). Have you installed everything and are you ready to take 360 photos? Then you can place your mobile phone in the Table tripod for your Smartphone (also included).

Do you want to shoot slightly larger objects in 360 degrees that don't fit on the standard turntable? No problem! This complete set also includes the Orangemonkie Expansion Set M1200R. It quadruples the surface of the normal turntable.

Usage Orangemonkie Foldio 3 Set with Smartphone
On your iPhone or Android smartphone, download the Foldio360 app. The Foldio360 now automatically connects to your smartphone, without having to open the Bluetooth settings. Then place your smartphone on the table stand and you're ready to take your 360 degree shot. With the app you can adjust the rotation speed (1x, 2x, 3x), rotation direction, brightness of the Halo Edge and camera image, white balance and the number of shots (24, 36 or 48). When you press the shutter release button, the Foldio360 will independently rotate and take pictures in the desired number of steps.

Usage Orangemonkie Foldio 3 Set with DSLR
This photography set is also easy to use in combination with a DSLR camera. This option works with various Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony cameras (infrared function required). The app allows you to set the number of shots to be taken. Your DSLR camera and Foldio360 work together perfectly. Here you find an overview of the cameras that are suitable. Is your camera not in the list? Then it is still possible to use it with the Foldio360.


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